Eating in Singapore


(Above: Zhen Zhen chicken porridge, and popiah)

It was an episode of The Layover that finally convinced us to start our Asia travels with a few days in Singapore.  Friends of mine from grad school lived there and though I’d spent years drooling over their food photos, it was watching Anthony Bourdain stuff himself with hawker food that really sealed the deal.

We planned most of our time there around food, visiting hawker centers in Little India and Chinatown, trying Malay food and teh tarik (frothy tea with condensed milk) in Kampong Glam with friends, and sampling bits of this and that as we walked around town, like ice cream and the infamous durian.

Our experience was so delicious that, on our long return layover, we paid to store our luggage at the airport and rushed back into town eager to sample more.  Despite all that we still felt like we barely scraped the surface of what Singapore had to offer and we can’t wait to visit again.


(Above: Durian, and coconut ice cream)


(Above: Kopi with condensed milk, and cockles with fried kway teow mee)


(Above: Steamed dumpling with unknown contents, and pork rice dumpling)


(Above: Teowchew fried dumpling, and soya chicken rice)


(Above: Oyster omelette, and more chicken rice!)


(Above: Sugar cane juice, and nasi goreng with the best naan)

2 Comments on “Eating in Singapore

  1. Welcome to Singapore! Glad you liked our food. The other version of our chicken rice is the steamed one or Hainanese Chicken rice.



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